December 4, 2022

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ScholarshipProz’s objective is to help find financial solutions for students facing education-related financial need.

We believe every student deserves to start and complete their college/university education. Funding their education shouldn’t be an obstacle but an opportunity. ScholarshipProz offers students a one-stop resource to post and share their education-related financial needs, providing their extended networks of family, friends and community professionals with an opportunity to share in their passion for post-secondary education through in-kind financial donations.

Education is the foundation of a great nation and by providing students a website where they can achieve their educational goals we make our nation stronger. Our goal is to ensure all students who have a financial need can use ScholarshipProz to build a community of loyal contributors who give effortlessly. Why? Because as former educators we realize the importance of a college education and because sometimes the financial needs students have can’t be supported if their supporters don’t know what their needs are.

We share the same concerns and desires institutions of higher learning have, to retain and help students succeed. We know there are plenty of education supporters who share the same concerns ScholarshipProz shares, ensuring students complete their education. That’s why we put our efforts to connect donors with students who share their financial needs and donors help them achieve their dreams.